General conditions

Ticket purchase Terms and Conditions

Bookings and purchase of tickets

  1. Tickets can be bought on our website, at COMERCI NAVIGAZIONE Ticket Offices, Accommodation Facilities, Travel Agencies and affiliated Tour Operators.
  2. Purchase online is contextual to the booking.
  3. At the time of booking, customers need to declare to be of Legal age and that all details provided are true, correct and complete.
  4. Tickets are nominative; they are not transferable without the consent of COMERCI NAVIGAZIONE. The ticket is ONLY valid for transportation of the specified person. Each passenger has the duty to keep the ticket safe to justify the right to travel and to exhibit it to any ship’s Officer or Company Officer on request.
  5. The purchase of the ticket is proof that the passenger accepts all Terms and Conditions described.
  6. Once the ticket is purchased online, the customer will receive an email with confirmation of booking and purchase of the service allowing for the transportation of the named passenger.
  7. In case of purchase from an Agency or affiliated Accommodation Facilities, all documentation needed for travel, will be delivered to the passenger by who made the sale.
  8. All services can be purchased online no later than 12 hours before departure. Subject to the availability of seats, booking requests can be accepted beyond the term indicated. In this case, passengers will need to get in contact with our Customer Service on +39 3486091918.

Ticket prices

  1. The charged fees include charges relating to the service rendered. The ticket cost includes transfer by sea, insurance cover (civil liability) within reasonable limits, services on board expressly indicated in the description of each travel programs.
  2. Regional and local taxes in force at the time of delivery of the service are not included in the ticket price.
  3. Rates will vary based on the individual travel program.
  4. The rate applied is planned on the individual travel program or multiple programs and for a single passenger.
    • a) Children under the age of 1year go free; landing tax (Municipality of Lipari) will be charged. The presence of infants must be reported at the time of booking.
    • b) Children between the age of 1 and 10 will be charged a discounted rate, plus any possible tax. More details on
  5. COMERCI NAVIGAZIONE reserves the right to periodically carry out online promotional campaigns of the sale of individual services. The terms of sale will be indicated in the attached description of each promotion.

Exchanges and cancellations

  1. The ticket is nominative (named) and is non-transferable; therefore, it is not possible to change the owner, except through cancellation or re-issuing of the ticket.
  2. The chosen date for the services to be rendered cannot be changed.
  3. Tickets bought online and at the ticket office are non-refundable.
  4. Any request for changes and/or refunds concerning tickets purchased through authorized intermediaries must be addressed by said intermediaries.
  5. The company reserves the right to make changes to schedules and/or navigation ship without notice due to adverse weather conditions, heavy traffic in ports and/or the needs of the carrier.
  6. In case of cancellation: Comerci Navigazione s.r.l. has the right to cancel the trip at any time prior to the start under the law n. 1084, 27 December 1977, without any obligations, but to refund any amount paid.
  7. Once 1/2 of the trip has-been carried out, Comerci Navigazione s.r.l. has no obligation to refund the customer. In case of cancellation by the customer, the amount paid will not be refunded matching the full cost of the ticket. Complaints and disputes will be dealt with one week after the date of departure.

Tickets and Vouchers

  1. Once completing the purchase online, the passenger will receive all documentation needed and they will have the responsibility to print a copy of it to show to Comerci Navigazione staff.
  2. The document named Voucher does NOT give the right to board; it will have to be exchanged (with boarding pass) at the indicated Ticket Offices.
  3. Comerci Navigazione is not responsible for any errors present in the documentation (ticket or voucher) arising from inaccuracies in the online booking. The supplier will NOT refund any amount in case of poor service or failure in providing such service arising from communication errors. When the document is issued, the passenger will have the duty to check that all details are correct.
  4. Any disputes arising from incorrect registration will have to be reported directly to the providers.

Cancellation due to weather and not covered places

The cancellation by Commerci Navigazione of uncovered seats will only take place due to unfavourable weather conditions, the last tickets purchased for the day in reference will be:

1. Cancelled due to lack of indoor seats (with reimbursement of the sums paid);

2.change of date;

It will be the responsibility of the COMERCI NAVIGAZIONE booking office to notify the customer by E-mail or text message approximately 12 hours before the departure Hour, for the seat change to be made.